Thursday, February 11, 2010

How Lucky Am I??

Ok, I think I'm really "lucky" this year
even 2010 just start.. hahahaha..
Wanna know why?
Ok, I will explain it to you =)

First, I've lost my phone in the train when I'm back from Harbin to Beijing and its happen when I'm sleep. Second, I cant got to HK becoz of my visa, if I go there I cant back to beijing and my ticket to back home is from Beijing *suchafunny*. Third, when I'm already return my ticket so I can back faster than before, when I want to take the airplane the airport people said "Your flight already gone" hahahaha.. so I need to buy a new ticket with a really high price. Fourth, I've lost my bank card and I just realize it today *hahahahalaughonme*

what a really stupid me?? sometimes I hate myself to be like this, but this is who I am and I will try to change it. Please pray for me =)

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